Ping Pong Principles #2

Ping Pong Principles is an
ongoing exhibition series.
It aims to create an exchange
platform for artists from
different cities and different
universities where they can
meet up and show their work
in each opponent city.

The primary focus lies on the
process rather than the out-
come. The topic of the up-
coming second Ping Pong
event between Jerusalem and
Mainz is Space.

Within two weeks of time,
teams of two have been
exchanging ideas, words, in-
spirations and artworks to
create something new, cross-
national, interspatial!


June 20, 2013
June 26, 2013

Binger Str. 23
55116 Mainz

June 20, 2013
07:00 pm
Party you must

June 22, 2013
10:00 pm
Team Mainz:

Vincent Leinweber
Pauline Baumberger
Jens Borgerding
Jens Roth
Martina Krajka
Mathias Uhlig
Marc Bötzius
Julien Schwing
Felix Rank
Christian Hansen
Steffen Burger
Team Jerusalem:

Arkady Kravchouk
Eitan Eloa
Danielle Peleg
Matan Ben David
Daniel Grumer
Avi Naim
Yoav Perry
Nadav Machete Yahel
Netaly Reshef
Neta Rabinovitch
Ido Back

This project has been developed
within a design course at FH Mainz,
supervised by Falko Ohlmer and
Sven Herkt.

PPP is not responsible for the
content of external links.

Marc Bötzius
Christian Hansen

Christian Hansen

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Ping Pong Principles #1